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About Me


My endeavours have all rooted from the wonderful media of cinema.

My pursuit of the alluring industry takes me to where I am today. In 2010 I moved from Norfolk to London wanting to be an actor. That ambition lasted a very quick minute (although I'm in the background of couple of films - exactly where my acting abilities belong at best).


I ended up working in a then newly refurbished ODEON Swiss Cottage where I became a technician (a projectionist in the former days but it was all digital by my time so I shan't proclaim that title). After a stint there I ended up working in the projection booth at none other than ODEON's Leicester Square site. Which was fun. In all this time I met some budding filmmakers and I'd decided I wanted to be a director, of course...

So in 2015 I bought a small camera with the aim to make some short films but instead I fell in love with stills photography. Although I did make a couple of short films. Another cinema industry (office based) job later and I quit [2019] to become a professional photographer. And I've not looked back since...

The story continues however as I am still making films, only now - finally - I have realised the passion lies as a cinematographer.



Q: What if I need to cancel/reschedule?

A: That's totally fine. As a part of your booking a £50 deposit is included. If you need to cancel, I would require at least 24 hours notice for a full refund. Notice within 24 hours of the booking will mean the deposit is non-refundable. However you have the option to reschedule at no extra cost.

Q: What does it mean when the final images are retouched, graded and processed in full resolution JPEG?

A: Retouching the image means that I will look to clean anything distracting left in the image such as dust or a hair that has gone astray as well as remove any blemishes or spots that are temporary (anything that will no longer be there in two weeks as a rule-of-thumb). Grading consists of subtle Photoshop tools to refine the contrast in light and colour. Finally, all images are shot in digital RAW format meaning that they are files that need to be interpreted by specific programs (you could think of it as the undeveloped film negative). Once edited (developed your film) converting an image to JPEG purges the extensive unnecessary data and leaves you with your finished product (the print).


Q: Can I have any/all of the unedited photos?

A: In short, the answer no I'm afraid. I can appreciate that looking through your contact sheet, the proofs look pretty good by themselves, however the reason being that photographers only release edited images is because to deliver otherwise is only half of the job complete. As above you can see all that goes into the image post shoot, at this part of the process each photographer has honed their unique look and style.

Anything you're still not sure of you can contact me here

Studio Portraiture

Q: How many changes of clothes should I bring?

A: As a rule of thumb, you can look to bring one set per 30 minutes of shooting time — we can discuss what you might want to bring in order to suit your personal needs.


Q: Can I shave midway through the shoot?

A: Yes, there is a bathroom that you're welcome to use.

Q. What if I choose more images than the booking allows.

A. Additional images can be retouched and graded at an extra charge of £20 per image.

Q. How long before my images are delivered?

A. Final digital retouched and graded images are delivered within 5 working days after you submit your selections, which will be sent via a weblink for download.


Q: Do you offer headshots in "black and white" or only colour?

A: Generally, headshots are almost always in colour. However, you may have certain reasoning for looking toward B&W as this may be something that ties in your general aesthetic or your field of business, especially if you are wanting to go for a more dramatic lighting, B&W can add great contrast to this effect. You will just need to specify this when making your selects as it will be a separate edit.

Q. What are "pure white" backgrounds?

A. These are headshots shot specifically to key the background so that it is a clean white (RGB: #ffffff) that will blend seamlessly into white backgrounds such as websites or emails etc. This way you can place your headshot without the restrictions of a boarder.


Q: What do you advise that I wear?

A: Ideally, anything that you may typically wear in your field to showcase yourself as you are in your workplace. The fewer surprises when a potential recruiter or client meets you, the better. One thing to bear in mind however is that often the images are seen on smaller screens and if your jacket or tie or top has stripes, dots or fine patterns, these can create a moiré effect which can be distracting, so I recommend avoiding these types of details.

Q. How long before my images are delivered?

A. Final digital retouched and graded images are delivered within 5 working days after you submit your selections, which will be sent via a weblink for download.

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